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s/y swedish caprice

Number of passengers: 9
Log dates: 02 OCT '10 - 09 OCT '10

Kas > Kalkan, Mediterrenean Sea. Turkey and Greece

Captain: Lasse Lundberg
Photographer: Christoffer Boman

Designed by Peter Norlin  Ordered by Jan Erik Österlund
Built on the brothers Jacobson's boatyard in Källviken, Uddevalla

Fact:                                            Sails:
Name: S/Y Swedish Caprice      Main sail 1184 ft²
Length: 79 ft                               Genua 2088 ft²
Width: 19 ft                                 Yanky 1528 ft²
Depth: 9 ft                                   Staysail 602 ft²
Deplacement: 65,00 ton
Speed: 10,00 knob

Full size allery at Behance


Various angles


Various details




The masts & sails




Various captures

© christoffer boman